Today schools are moving away from conventional teaching. They are more into “experience learning” and follow different modes of teaching. The whole environment imparts knowledge and information to students. Digital Signage plays a major role in that.

What We Can Deliver:

  • Deliver important announcements as they happen
  • Embrace a greener communication alternative to printed signs
  • Show students’ work to instill a sense of pride and achievement
  • Inform staff and students and create a sense of community
  • Post current event schedules and special events
  • Teacher/Professor Directory
  • Interactive Library directory
  • Interactive Lab
  • Interactive White Screen
  • Personalize visitor greetings, welcome notices and guest announcements
  • Advertise bookstore, café or other campus shop offerings
  • Broadcast educational programs or remote lectures
  • Post administrative announcements and registration schedules
  • Advertise volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs
  • Deliver instant emergency announcements
  • Announce changes to course schedules
  • Share RSS feeds, live weather, traffic, sports information, etc.
  • Interactive School Directory/Way finding